Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7 Efficient Ways to Promote a Mobile App In and Out of the Web

In this article, you'll learn some methods to attract people's attention to your business mobile app in and out of the Web. Become popular not only in the Internet, but also in the real world due to some original and efficacious steps.
Let's start with the ways of becoming familiar in the Internet.
1. Blogging.
Publish a post devoted to the new business mobile application in the corporate blog of your company (if you don't have a corporate blog, don't waste your time and create one). Its authors can be your employees e.g. marketing managers or mobile developers. You also can order an article at a prominent blogger in the appropriate domain.
2. Presentation devoted to your mobile application.
Use the popular SlideShare.net service - and your presentation will get hundreds of views and downloads in a couple of days.
3. Giving expert pieces of advice.
Share your opinion and join discussions related to your business and mobile development in professional social networks like LinkedIn. Post useful comments and recommend your mobile app to others - but only on the occasion. And please, don't spam!
And now, there are some out-of-the-web ways.
4. Promo production with your mobile app's theme.
Order stationery like calendars, notebooks, folders, and other promotional items and give it to your clients, partners etc. There are two significant reasons for doing this. First, this necessary stuff is always at hand, and people see your business app's logo multiple times a day. And of course, everyone likes freebie. One can have dozens of notebooks, but he'll never refuse if somebody gives him another one.
5. Promo actions.
Of course, a promo action is a very expensive treat, but it's also an efficient marketing tool for introducing a new product in a catchy and entertaining way. By preparing a promo action, you should carefully think over the next steps:
a) Detailed planning of costs and actions, hiring promoters, ordering promo materials.
b) Flamboyant stands and uniforms for promoters. The app's logo must be present on all promo materials.
c) Attractive bonuses for people taking part in the promo action. E.g. if they download your mobile application, they'll get a discount, a promo code for extended app's functionality etc.
6. Radio and TV ads.
It is the most expensive way - but also the most effective one. Define your target audience, time - and go on!
7. Application launch party.
Celebrate the mobile app's release with your employees, associates, and customers and promote the app due to personal connections. Pleasant details like a photo cake or balloons with your application's logo will make this party unforgettable.
So, there are 7 ways to promote your business mobile application and therefore your company. I hope you'll find here a fresh idea for reaching your customers and developing your business with a mobile application.

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