Monday, February 20, 2012

Attention Financial Advisers: Sell More to Affluent Prospects With These Top 10 Sales Tips

As a financial adviser, you have products and services that enrich lives and make dreams come true. You bring peace of mind, hope of a better, more secure future, protection and provision for loved ones. In fact, if affluent prospects only know how much you could help them, they would be calling you.
You know your service is valuable yet many advisers in the current economy are finding it difficult to get consumers to buy. Sales guru, Jeffrey Gittomer says, "People don't like to be sold, but they love to buy."
Affluent prospects want to buy relationship with a trusted adviser who can help them solve complex financial issues and weather the economic storms in their lives. Listed below are my Top 10 Tips for Success in Selling.
1. Be Passionate. Nothing better serves in selling than an unshakable belief that you are providing the best possible product, service and value to your clients. If you don't love your product, your service and your industry no one else will.
2. Eliminate Tire-Kickers. Every industry has them. They come to seminars, gobble up the food, waste your time and never buy. Always prequalify before wasting time on lengthy meetings.
3. Be Persistent. Don't take "No" as a sign of personal rejection. Some will, some won't, so what? Hold your head high and move on. Don't let rejection affect your positive sense of self-worth.
4. Be a Great Listener. Trade in your gift of gab for active listening. Nothing shows people you care about them more than by actively listening to them.
5. Stick to Business. Be friendly but remember you are not there to make another friend. You are there to do business and gain a new client. Be professional. Use an agenda to guide your conversation.
6. Use a Consultative Process. Establish a purpose for each meeting starting with discovery. Develop a series of scripted questions to determine a relationship fit, a solution fit and a product fit. Qualify before you present.
7. Be the Best. How you are known by others will determine how they treat you, how they buy from you and how they give referrals to you. If your prospects don't consider you the best, they will try to lower your price or buy from a competitor.
8. Don't Chase. Let the prospect chase you. Assume control of the sale with good questions. Create urgency and excitement with compelling stories. Lead your prospect into a sale. Never push them.
9. Think Profit. Don't think about making a "sale". Clients want to know how they will profit from doing business with you. They want to know what's in it for them. They want to be assured that they gain and earn more than they want the lowest price.
10. Make It Easy to Buy. Create client loyalty by making it easy to do business with you. Prepare applications and brochures ahead of time. Call the customer service department for your clients. Make sure their service needs are handled promptly.

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