Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Top 10 Mistakes That Health Club Personal Trainers Make

A Popular route when you become a personal trainer is to take a position in a health club, leisure centre or gym, either as an employee (although there doesn't seem to be that many of them around) or as a self employed contractor paying rent to market their services and uses the facilities.
However, during my time at my current gym (2 years) I've seen 4 personal trainers come and go when things haven't worked out for them. Upon my observations, here are my top ten mistakes that Gym based Personal Trainers Make and hopefully by reading you can avoid them
1. Not having a Presence at the gym
I've said before that if someone doesn't refer to you as "part of the furniture" you probably aren't there enough. Especially in the early days. Be there at core times (Mornings, Lunchtimes and evenings) and look busy, this may mean doing free tasters or training a friend in the early days its better to look busy. Also, think about training yourself in your branded PT kit, as long as you are fit and do impressive training methods that "awe" others looking on, this can get you business
2. Not Marketing well enough
Make sure you tap into the different marketing vehicles you have at your disposal, this may include a PT Profile board, notice board, reception promotional area, lead boxes, posters, business cards, have three articles in the newsletter if your gym has one, do an informational article on your gyms website
3. Not Networking with members
Its not enough just being there, you need to talk to people, don't try and sell to them as this is a right turn off, get to know them as people and gently introduce the aspect of how you can help them, Be approachable and friendly
4. Only concentrating on Personal Training
In my opinion for most PTs starting out, personal training is a dangerous thing to bank your entire income on, you need to get your classes going on, sell nutritional supplements, do plans and diversify as much as possible
5. Only Marketing to Gym Members
Don't put all your eggs in one basket, make sure you maintain a good marketing presence outside your gym. You never know, your gym could kick you out, go bust or double your rent tomorrow. Market outside and bring people into the gym if you need to
6. Not Branding up
Wear your colours! Have your logo with "Personal Trainer" and your contact details on the back, it gets into people psyche eventually
7. Not differentiating themselves and their niche
Rather than trying to be all things to all people, specialise! Bodybuilding, Nutrition, Running, Fat Loss, Lower Back Pain, Bootcamp are all potentially profitable niche's to explore
8. Not Networking with staff
Reception and sales staff can make or break your business get to know these guys and get an arrangement where they refer people to you and get a payment if the referral books in
9. Not being visible when training clients
It maybe easier to train a client in an empty studio but who can see you? Be out and visible to other prospective clients when you are working
10. Not asking clients for referrals
People who come to the gym, usually have friends at the same gym. Ask for referrals and reward your clients for doing so.

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